5 tips for choosing the perfect piece of art

Most of us like to begin the New Year with a fresh start... whether re-connecting with people you may have lost touch with... or living a more healthy lifestyle... or getting a new look (I personally just got highlights and a haircut šŸ’‍ā™€ļø).

For many of us, just changing up the decor in our home (out with old, in with the new), is a GREAT way to start fresh. Art/decor directly affects our mood, so I wanted to share some tups with you.

The main rule in both creating art and purchasing art is: THERE ARE NO RULES!!! With that said, I have some personal interior design tips, as I have been decorating interiors of homes, hotels, and restaurants over the years. 

1) Art does not need to match your decor or furniture.  Pick something that speaks to you and you feel a connection with. Over the years, I've had people say "I always have trouble connecting to art but for some reason this piece of yours speaks to me." And sometimes it's the story behind a piece that makes my customers buy it. So when a customer asks for my opinion, I'll give it, but I also tell them to go with their gut. This painting is for you... not me!

2) Use masking tape to outline a square or rectangle where you want to place your art. Then, measure the outline of the tape so you know what size will look best. Better yet, some websites (including mine) have Augmented Reality, where you can project the painting directly onto your wall so it takes ALL the guesswork out of it.  Click the video below to see how to use Augmented Reality on my site:

3) Determine your budgetOriginals are the most expensive option and only come in one size. Prints are the cheapest option, and can be printed on different media options like canvas, metal, acrylic or wood, and you can choose ANY size ya like! Embellished prints are a hybrid of those two options, where the painting is printed onto a canvas, and then I paint over about half of the canvas print. You can click here to watch a quick process video of an embellished print.

4) Rule of lights and darks. Paintings with light, soft colors, look best against a darker colored wall. Paintings with darker colors, look best against a white or light wall. Our brains register lights against darks as a more visually pleasing experience. 

5) Gallery wall VS. one big piece of art. For example, decide if you want to hang one 30x30" painting on a wall, or if you'd rather have nine 10x10" paintings on that same wall. In my opinion, one piece makes more of a statement, but the fun thing about a a gallery wall is that you can always change the pieces out and/or rearrange them when you get bored! Here is a picture of my very own gallery wall:

I hope these tips were helpful and if you have any questions, I am happy to help!

Have a wonderful and healthy 2023!!!