A Look At My 8 Newest Pieces

Over the last few months, I've created eight VERY different pieces. I have just added them to my website and wanted to share the backstories with you, as well as some process videos!

1) Golden Hour was created using Crackling Paste. This was the first time i ever used this medium. Once you apply the paste to the canvas, it begins to crack over the next 24 hours. I then used acrylic ink to create this abstract sunset. You can watch the making of this painting by clicking right here
Original 10x8": $325

2) One Man's Trash is a 3D piece, in which I repurposed materials that were going to waste.  I spray painted used gloves, paper towels, and plastic wrap from canvases, and then attached it all to a canvas. You can watch me create this piece by clicking here . 
Prints: start at $40
Original 20x20" $950 (local pick up only)

3) Bad With Directions was created by lathering molding paste over the entire canvas, and then using tools to create designs within the molding paste . You can watch this one come to life by clicking here  
Prints: $32
Original 24x30" $2500

4) Here Comes the Sun was created using paints mixed with pouring medium, which I poured onto the canvas. You can watch the making of it right here . This one's unique because its a round canvas.
Original 10x10" $295

5) Stardust . The original is actually a 10x10" round canvas, but was made into a rectangle for printing options.
Prints: $40
Original  $295

6) Thing 1 was the first time I painted on a black canvas, as most come white. I played with different colors and composition. I created Thing 2 (see below) at the same time while they were laying next to each other, flat on a table. So it is considered a diptych
Original 16x20" $925
Prints $32

7) Thing 2
Original 16x20" $925
Prints: $32

8) This Pretty Planet
Original 10x10" round canvas $295
Prints: $32

I'd LOVE to hear your feedback!! I know they are all extremely different from each other, so if you can reply and let me know which is your favorite, I'd very much appreciate it!! 

Thanks so much!