A Story About My Grandma

My grandma, Rose, loved butterflies. Her fridge was COVERED in colorful butterfly magnets. Growing up, she encouraged me to draw every time I’d visit her, and even had a designated work area for me. She’d sit me down with a vintage box that was filled with broken crayons, and have me look through magazines with flowers and animals (especially butterflies), for inspiration. "Butterfly Effect" was created in her memory.

Her husband, who I never met, was a muralist, which makes me think she recognized my talent, and therefore wanted me to work at it. She passed away July 4, 2009, and never knew I ended up becoming a professional artist in 2013. When she passed away, I drew a butterfly, and buried it with her.

She was the kindest woman in the world and I miss her everyday! She was a dancer, and every Monday night up until her last days at age 95, we would watch Dancing With The Stars while eating Papa Johns.

Also, she wasn’t like a regular Grandma- she was a cool Grandma! Whiskey Sours until the very end. Cheers Grandma!! Love you forever