A Video Of My New "LOVEly HeARTs" Collection

It's been months in the making, and I'm thrilled to announce my first ever holiday collection, "LOVEly heARTs," is about to be released! I'll be releasing all 24 hearts in this collection to the public on Monday Nov 14th, but I'll be sending you, my very special email subscriber, the link to be able to purchase before the public gets the link, on Sunday Nov 13th.

Here's a quick video below, where I discuss the details of the collection and show you pieces up close! 

For now, I created my very own gallery wall of these hearts, so I can look at them all together! Whether you want one (perfect for a bathroom), or a few to create your own gallery wall, they are super fun to mix and match!

If you have any questions about this collection, just reply here :)