Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July 

A day for Americans to celebrate, reflect, and eat hotdogs! As a kid, we are just excited because we get the day off from school and watch fireworks. As we get older, we realize and appreciate the importance of the holiday. Which is why I painted "Proud," seen above. (Although the original sold, prints are available)

But when I was 23, July 4th was forever changed for me....

July 4th 2009... my grandma was 95 years old. My mom and I had just taken her on a cruise to celebrate her birthday (and took her to Vegas for her birthday the year before)! But then she suddenly became ill...

I was very close to my grandma, Rose. She raised my mom as a single mother, worked MANY jobs to support her family, and was ALWAYS happy. She was the definition of an Independent Woman... so it was no surprise she took her last breath on July 4th. My mom and I stood by her side in this moment. I'll never forget it.

I credit my grandma for me becoming an artist. Her husband, who passed away before I was born, was a famous muralist in NYC. My grandma saw artistic talent in me from a young age, and anytime I was at her house, she would sit me down with paper and crayons; I'd sit there for hours doodling. 

She LOVED butterflies, and when she passed, I created a butterfly drawing and buried it with her. Just a few years ago, I painted a huge butterfly painting, in her honor. It immediately sold! Here it is below, with a photo of my mom and me with her.

So today, I celebrate America and Grandma Rose!!!

And in honor of the holiday, here is my painting "Fireworks"

I hope you have a wonderful 4th today!