Happy Holidays And Well Wishes!

Happy Holidays from Roswell, GA, where I've been visiting my best friend the last few days! It's been filled with hikes, s'more-making, outdoor breweries and wineries, card games, and more!

Just wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday and a very happy and HEALTHY New Year!!

I hope you can still get into the holiday spirit, despite how incredibly sad and scary 2020 has been. 

Thank you all for following my art journey thus far. I learned a lot this year; more so on the marketing and business side of things. Setting up a website... getting a hundred paintings professionally photographed... the importance of social media, etc. With many ups and downs, it has been a huge learning experience for me. 

You all keep me going and I love hearing your thoughts, ideas, and feedback! 

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe!