Have You Seen My Brand New Mural?!

I wanted to quickly share the latest with my art. This past week, I completed a mural that was commissioned by the Miami Shores Village. I was supposed to begin this mural exactly one year ago, but the project was postponed when Covid hit. At that time, my mock up looked completely different (think: palm trees). In a way, I’m happy that it was postponed, because this new design is more fitting for these times. As I was painting, I was grateful for the compliments from passersby throughout the day, but the one that stands out the most was a man who said, “Thank you for doing this. We really needed it.” ❤️ I hope this mural makes those who walk by it smile, adding a little color and sunshine to their day!

To see a 30 second start-to-finish time-lapse, click here and ENJOY! And if you are in Miami, check it out at 10050 NE 2nd Ave