How Covid-19 Affected My Creativity

How has Covid affected your creativity?! More puzzles? Learned a new instrument? Rearranged your furniture?

Initially, the pandemic stripped me of my color, creativity and drive. I didn't pick up a paintbrush from March 14th- mid April. I had zero interest in painting, and spent my days and nights glued to the TV, listening to all the Coronavirus updates. But that day in mid April when I picked my paintbrush back up, I lined up about five canvases, and jumped back and forth between all five paintings throughout the day. I usually work on one or two paintings at a time, so this was different for me. I guess my brain was on overdrive, since I had abandoned my art for way too long. 

By May, I had created several new paintings that I donated to local hospitals, in hopes to bring a smile to the hardworking healthcare workers' faces, and of course to the patients' faces as well. I decided to create face masks with my artwork, because if we have to wear them, we might as well be fashionable, right!? So even though my creativity and drive were non-existent at first, they came back with full force.

This painting, "Color Burst," was one of the five paintings mentioned above. It was given its name because I felt like color needed to explode all over the canvas, since we were living in such darkness. I'm happy to say this painting sold over the weekend and is being shipped out this week!

I hope everyone has a great week and gets some creativity flowing!