I Would Say I'd Miss You 2020, But...

So, as we enter our LAST WEEK OF 2020, I’m doing a lot of reflecting. This year began like any other…”2020 will be my best year yet!” You too, right? Within a couple months, all of our worlds changed. For the first month of quarantine, I had no interest in art. Luckily that changed in April, and I began creating artwork like a madwoman… art for hospitals, on masks, and then for Black Lives Matter.  I ended up creating the most paintings I ever created in one year. 

In September, I built an e-commerce website, as I realized art galleries and art festivals would be put on hold for who knows how long. Whereas before I had only sold originals, I am now also selling prints and merchandise on the regular. I feel very lucky that technology and social media have come such a long way, that I can pretty much rely solely on my phone and computer to sell my work. I am my own boss, of my very own business, and that feels good (and sometimes stressful)!
But it's time to say goodbye to 2020 and here's to hoping 2021 is a lot happier and healthier! Happy early New Year!!