Interview with FOX5 about my mural

I was hired to create a mural on a Utility Box in Downtown Atlanta, and was interviewed by FOX5 Good Day Atlanta afterwards. Here is the full video:

Not gonna lie... Murals are always exciting, but also challenging. Whether it's my fear of heights while up on a scissor lift, dealing with rain, or a bumpy surface that is difficult to paint all the crevices of... I usually get a little nervous beforehand. But once completed, it is SO satisfying! For this one, I had to clean the box using goo gone and rubbing alcohol, sand it, apply 3 coats of primer, paint it, apply an isolation coat and finally used varnish to seal it. All the passersby gave me such positive feedback and I am proud to show ya my newest mural...


I painted my "Color Burst" design on this box. The original painting has since sold (can be seen below), but it holds a special place in my heart. I created it in May of 2020, two months into the pandemic and the world was DARK. I felt the world needed a burst of color, and that's when "Color Burst" was created. The painting is now available as a print (on canvas, metal, paper, acrylic, wood) and on merchandise items