Is It Hard For You To Just Let Sh*T Go?

Today is LET IT GO day!!! This "Frozen" song has resonated with me (it’s still my ringtone 7 years later) so much so, that I created this painting in 2015, and named it “Let it go,” as it’s my take on just letting sh*t go (easier said than done, which is why I felt the need to throw it onto a canvas). I showed this piece at a festival that year, and when I explained the meaning behind it to this man, he said “sold!” and walked away with it. And he’s been a collector ever since!

“Let it go” prints are available on my site!

I'd love to hear how you deal with letting things go... is it easy for you? Or super difficult? 


P.S. It also happens to be National Flamingo Day.. and yes, I have a painting for that too!