My 1st Ever Collection Launches NOW

For the first time ever, I am launching a collection! And, for the first time ever, I've painted on 6x6" canvases, which is why I named this collection "Lil Babes." 

There are ten 6x6" paintings ($137) and one 8x8" painting ($197) plus free shipping. Of course they can be hung, but they are perfect to just lean against a window, or on a desk, prop up on a dresser or side table, etc!

All of these were created using a palette knife. NO paintbrushes were used. And it was such a satisfying process, pushing the paint around with the palette knife. It makes for some interesting texture. 

You can watch a video where I show each painting up close, right here

Here are thumbnails of each painting.. but they can all be seen larger on one page, right here 


I hope you love the new collection!