My custom Birkenstocks

The day is finally here... I have TWO pairs of custom Birkenstock sandals that have just been launched right this minute!! These are limited edition sandals...there will only be 30 pairs of each sandal (so a total of 60 because there are two different options available) and once they are sold out, they'll be discontinued, :::cue the tears::: so act fast! Each pair is made to order and hand crafted. Actual product may slightly vary due to its custom nature, making each pair completely unique! Straps are soft, Italian leather.

SO HERE THEY ARE!! You can purchase a pair by clicking here šŸ‘‰  Courtney's Birkenstocks

Thank you to all who gave their input in helping me decide which paintings look best on the Birks... the winners were clear: "Chicken Parm" and "May Flowers"