Just wanted to share my latest commission with you..because it is HUGE!! 72x48" to be exact! 

So here is the story behind this one...

My painting "Surprise" has been a best selling print over the last year. Customers have purchased it on canvas, metal, coasters, etc.. however this customer wanted an Embellished Print. What does that mean? (Scroll down to watch a short video of the full explanation)

Well first of all, the original painting is in the shape of a square, but she needed a large rectangular piece to fit in her space.

So, I condensed the size to become a rectangle. Once she measured her space and decided she wanted it to be 6ft x 4 ft, I ordered the canvas print. Once it arrived, it took me.. no joke.. 30 minutes to open it!

Once I wrestled with the box and had the print in hand, I went in and covered about half of the painting with actual paint and oil pastels. I added lots of texture, so it really is quite impossible to tell it is a print, and not an original. I drove it over to my customer's home, and there it is above, hanging in it's forever home!! Originals are of course the most expensive option since they are one-of-a-kind, so an embellished print is definitely the next best option 😍 

I filmed the entire process, START TO FINISH! Yes, you can watch me wrestle with the box and even deliver it to my customer. You can watch the short video right here

Although my website only has a few options listed, I can turn ANY print on my site into an embellished print.  If you are interested in a custom embellished print for yourself, please let me know and we can make some magic happen!