My Newest Painting Is Very Meaningful

Today was a big day in history! Political views aside, I think we can all agree that Kamala has Shattered The Glass Ceiling. Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on other historical women, who have broken the glass ceiling. 

This all has me so inspired that I decided to create a new series called "Shattered." All these paintings will be 20x20", and I am currently working on my second piece in the series.

I started with colorful shards of glass falling. Then I decided to use a resin finish to give the painting a true "glass-like" look. While the resin was still wet, I added what looks like real, iridescent glass flakes, adding some really neat texture! 

I'll keep you updated on the rest of the series, and I'm excited to continue watching women doing some shattering throughout my lifetime! 

That's it for now! More to come soon.
Have a wonderful week!