So Many Of You Have Been Asking, So...

Y’all are amazing! The metal and canvas limited edition prints are almost sold out!

And since many have you have asked for a smaller sized option, I just added a 10x10” fine art paper print for $95 + free shipping! Only 45 will be produced so hop on it soon 

This limited edition is named "Fab Four" because it is comprised of my four best sellers, all within one image. This means, you'll get a collage of four in one! So not only is it a Limited Edition, but also a Special Edition, because this print is one of a kind and not available anywhere else.

Here it is!!

This one print is comprised of my four best sellers, which were all created at the very beginning of the Pandemic, between April 2020-June 2020. During this time, life was DARK, and I decided to make the most vibrant pieces I could, that also had some meeting behind them, which are as follows:

The top left painting

is called "Hope in the Midst of Chaos" because I was trying to remain hopeful during those scary days. If you look closely, I scattered the word "hope" all throughout this chaotic painting. This also happens to be the print that is hanging in the hotel rooms at CitizenM Hotel.

The top right painting

is called "Spring Showers" because I created this one while l had moved in with my parents during the pandemic, and was painting outside on their patio, under an overhang. It was raining most days, so I wanted to capture the rain in a pretty, less dreary way.

The bottom left

is "May Flowers," which was created right after "Spring Showers," when the sun finally came out after all those yucky days. Plus, it was created in the month of May.

And the bottom right painting

is called "Chicken Parm," because that was the one dish I learned to make during Covid (thanks to my mom!)

You can head right here to get one of the forty-five 10x10" paper prints!