These 3 Paintings Have 1 Thing In Common

I wanted to share my latest 3 creations with you. They are all VERY different, but the one thing they have in common, is that they are all finished with resin (a reflective, glass-like, glossy coat)

Creation #1: I finished my largest commission to date for a wonderful couple! They had liked a painting of mine, called "Shattered," but wanted to change the colors and needed it to be much bigger.. so here it is...

Creation #2: I took hundreds of dollars worth of empty paint bottles, old brushes, empty ink bottles, and a used palette, that were destined for the trash, and transformed them into a stunning work of art.

Using resin to seal the canvas, I meticulously arranged these items to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece. It's incredible how something that was considered waste can be repurposed into a unique piece of art. 

Here, we have "Trashy" , 18x24", $1800 and free shipping (click here to watch the making of this piece)

Creation #3: I found a small canvas lying around, so I grabbed a bunch of my favorite colors, and of course used gold and copper leaf (always my favorite addition to my paintings)! Topped it with resin, and voila, we've got "Peaks and Valleys." I still can't decided if I like it better hanging vertically or horizontally.. what are your thoughts on that?