Three pieces just installed in this lobby..

I recently had 3 paintings installed in the lobby of an apartment building in Brickell, called Neo Vertika. (*For those of you who live in the building, stay tuned.. I'll be choosing one of you to win a free print July 15th!*) The wall they are hung on is ginormous, almost making my 3ftx4ft paintings look small!!! Watching the installation process was so fun.... Here is a quick video of that process

The three paintings in the lobby are for sale (the middle one is actually a canvas print, as the original has sold) and are also available as prints on canvas, metal, acrylic, wood, paper, etc, as well as on merchandise (coasters, pillows, tote bags, phone cases etc). Here are the 3 images, and if you click them, it will bring you to these options!

1) "Eye of the Leopard" (which is hung as acrylic prints in the rooms at the 2 new CitizenM hotel's in Brickell and Downtown)

2) "May Flowers"

3) "Loud Mouth"