OMG!!! I hope this email finds you Heat fans buzzing with excitement because we have conquered the Eastern Conference Playoffs and are charging into the NBA Finals! Cue the thunderous applause, deafening cheers, and the insane energy pulsating through every Heat fan's veins! 

Naturally, I just created a new painting, called "Miami." The first thing I did this morning was take the painting down to the arena, which is just a few blocks from me, and did a little photoshoot! Check it out:

The original painting is 16x12" and $576, with free shipping. You can also get a print, mug, tote bag, pillow, sweatshirt, etc... just click here and choose whichever medium you'd like!


I also have this awesome painting from a few years ago when the Heat hired me to exhibit some art at one of their ticket holder family funday events... it's not on my website currently, but if you want it, I'm discounting from $1800 to $795 for the next 3 days.. just reply here and let me know if you want to grab this deal! It is 40x20"

Go Heat! Let's bring that championship trophy back to Miami where it belongs!